Toddler I

Young toddlers are developing a strong sense of independence. Walking, running, talking, climbing, skills they love to practice over and over.

Our classroom gives them opportunities to explore at their level with activities that promote cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills.

Because toddlers are learning social skills daily, staff will model and teach appropriate behaviors, with gentle touches, lots of hugs.

Books are read, stories told, and songs sung frequently throughout the day to encourage literacy development. These are done in groups or with just 1 or 2 friends.

Toilet training often begins in this classroom, and we work with families to help each child learn this skill at their own pace, consistently reinforcing the parents’ plans for their big kids. Regular progress reports are filed, and semi-annual conferences are offered to families.

Ages: 16 months to 28 months

Child-teacher ratio: 6-1