Infants experience the environment through their senses: sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.  Trusting staff play a key role in organizing the environment to form healthy interactions and nurturing surroundings.  Ages and stages of development are recognized when staff plans the program for your infant. Music and stories are a daily part of our curriculum along with the importance of sign language.  You will often see staff through out the day on the floor playing, holding and creating a special bond with your baby.  Staff look forward to parent communication when working together to develop a consistency and routine to meet your infant’s specific needs.


Ages; 6 weeks to 16 months
Child-teacher ratio 3-1
Daily report provided
Ongoing communication with parents
Monthly Health Nurse
Stimulating environment


Young Toddlers


 Oh we love those toddlers! Young toddlers are developing a strong sense of independence.  Walking, running, talking, climbing, skills they love to practice over and over. Our environment gives the opportunity to explore at their level with activities that promote cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills.  Because toddlers are learning social skills daily, staff will model and teach appropriate behaviors, with gentle touches, lots of hugs. Literacy begins at an early age so books, stories and songs are read frequently through out the day as a group or with one or two on a lap.   


Ages:   16 months to 28month
Child –teacher ratio   6-1
Daily report provided
On going communication with parents
Large stimulating environment
Theme base activities
Individualized toilet training
Semi-annual parent-teacher conferences
Monthly newsletters


Older Toddlers


Talking, Talking, and Talking!  Older toddler’s Language is developing rapidly!  They are now refining cognitive, language, social and emotional development.  They are also practicing fine motor skills by cutting, painting, stringing beads and coloring.  You will even find children exploring different art mediums with clay, paint, glitter and glue.  (They love glue!)  Also, children participate in daily group times involving finger-plays, learning the alphabet, listening to stories and singing lots of songs.

Ages 28 months -3yrs
child- teacher ratio, 7 to 1
Theme based lesson plans
Feild trips and special events
semi-annual parent/ teacher conferences
Individualized toilet training
Monthly news letters
Large, stimulating environment
ongoing communication with parents




We are getting ready for kindergarten.   We base our 2 pre-school rooms upon the Minnesota Early Learning Standards.  These standards encourage young children between the ages of 3 to 5 to learn through play, interaction with others and exploration of their environment.  Our staff will create a curriculum that will provide problem solving, literacy development, cognitive development, emotional and social development.   Play is their Job, and they do it well.  While they are having fun they will be developing cooperation with their friends, sharing, and using their listening skills. The staff prepares the environment for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, children and materials. They are developing to think for themselves and to make good choices.   


Ages  3 to 5
Child-teacher ratio  9-1
Monthly newsletters
Theme bases curriculum
Field trips and special events
Spanish lesson available
Semi annual conferences
On going communication


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